Our superior ingredients, minimal processing and unparalleled freshness resonate with customers. That’s why our clients choose our cholesterol-free chips. A crunchy, healthy alternative to traditional snacks, our chips start off with select green plants grown right here in Ghana.

We offer the ff. products:
1. Plantain chips (4 flavors currently)
2. Cocoyam chips
3. Cassava chips
4. Ginger snacks (snacks made from Ginger)
5. We also supply non branded chips for special clients

Plantains, like their cousin, the banana – the most consumed fruit in the Ghana – are one of the most delicious nutrient-dense, “safe starches” you can find. Rich in potassium, our plantain chips are available in several delicious flavorsWe are constantly researching to add new flavors and additional ones will be coming out soon.

Our products are cooked to perfection in Ghana, non-hydrogenated, 100% corn oil to ensure lower-saturated fat content than in chips that are fried with regular oil.